is the best way to find and discover the kept secrets of local lives
Live Global Eat Local

What Is It?

LiveGlobalEatLocalgives access to a
unique culinary experience that will not only
provide exciting traditional dining
opportunities but also connect guests with
Turkish culture and unique local characters
in their private spaces. In other words the
guests will have the opportunities to
experience our daily life and share with us
our daily dishes. Networking opportunities,
making new friends and fun is the bonus.

Who Can JoIn?

We create homemade memories for:

New and established expats who wish to socialize with local
people apart from their colleagues in the office or the expat

Travellers who wish to get underneath the skin of Istanbul

People on a business trip who don’t want to eat alone,
instead have a meaningful dinner with local people

Foreigners who want to taste the hidden delicacies of
traditional Turkish cuisine

Our Hosts

LiveGlobalEatLocalhosts are all people with
a story to tell. Some of them are former
journalists who left their jobs and travelled
around the world, others fought cancer and
found motivation in running a marathon
and cooking. Some are flowerdesigners,
Through LiveGlobalEatLocalyou can enjoy
home cooked authentic meal, served
around big tables with warm and friendly


Food is the expression of the land where you are and the
culture of the place. Being a host for many civilizations Turkey
has a rich and very diversified cuisine which goes back several
centuries, but the most amazing food Turkey has to offer
typically isn’t served in restaurants, but in the kitchen of locals.
LiveGlobalEatLocalprovides access to the hidden recipes of
the Turkish cuisine.

Food For Good

Most of our hosts believe that true
happiness is giving and so they cook for a
social cause. By attending
LiveGlobalEatLocalevents you can help us
to make a difference in someone else’s life.
We can’t change the world but we can
change someone’s world!

The Experience

The events take place at the private spaces of our hosts. Sometimes it can be an apartment with a breath taking amazing Bosphorus view; another time a terrace surrounded with candles or a 100 years old flat that takes you through history. The private places will walk you through the life of locals. You will have the opportunity to experience their daily life and share their daily dishes. Come on; don’t be a stranger, be a part of it

Our Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who was in love with countries she hasn’t been before, places she
didn’t know yet, cultures she hasn’t met …
Once upon a time there was a girl with a wanderers soul, a girl who was after the unseen, the unknown, a
girl who wanted to make memories all over the world by revealing secret spots, meeting local characters
and exploring their private spaces, eating their food…
Once upon a time there was a girl who believed that food was an expression of the land and that it was
the best way to meet people to enrich her connection to the place she was…
She knew, she was not the only one thinking that way. Inspired by her own dreams as a traveller one day
that girl decided that she should provide strangers the opportunity to get underneath the skin of Istanbul,
her hometown… Through LiveGlobalEatLocal today she provides access to the private spaces of unique
local characters for a home cooked authentic meal, served around big tables with warm and friendly

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Allergy Advice
If you suffer from a food allergy, intolerance or you are vegetarian/vegan please let us know in advance to arrange suitable menus.

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